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It is important to make an informed decision on your purchase based on sound financial and legal advice. We can recommend the following specialists to help you with the buying process:


CAFPI International – www.cafpi.net

Contact : Mr Stéphane Brière

Tel : +33 (0) 2 31 84 03 11

Email: s.briere@cafpi.fr

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For Foreign Exchange Services, we recommend you contact:


HALO FINANCIAL Foreign Exchange.

Contact: Mimzee Brewer, email: mimzee.brewer@halofinancial.com

Tel: +44 (0) 207 350 5473

Website: www.halofinancial.com

You can benefit from the following:

* excellent exchange rates
* no transfer charges
* commission free
* allocated personal dealer
* same day delivery of funds
* up to the minute market information
* daily currency reports

Halo Financial -Foreign Exchange and Currency Rates

For more information on reclaiming the VAT off the price of your French property and for advice on tax issues such as CGT, wealth and inheritance tax we recommend you contact:

Alain Bondaz
(Offices in Morzine, Les Gets and Saint Pierre en Faucigny - close to Geneva)
E-mail: alain.bondaz@sareg.com
Tel: FR +33 450797860 Call

There are ways of saving French TVA

UK buyers may not be aware that they do not have to purchase a property in a leaseback scheme to benefit from a TVA refund. Buyers of new chalets or other pure freehold properties under five years of age can also take advantage of this saving. TVA, the equivalent of English VAT, is presently running at 20% of the total new property construction cost so it represents a considerable sum.

Purchasers can choose one of two options. By signing a lease agreement with a French rental agency, which must provide a minimum of just three services, the property can be rented back by the owner for the weeks he wishes to use it. This effectively forfeits any-time use. But if this arrangement doesn’t suit the lifestyle and usage requirements of the purchaser, he could simply register himself as an operator and then subcontract a number of services – such as reception, cleaning and laundry – which will allow him to retain full usage rights. UK investors may even use a British tour operator as long as the company is registered in France.

Erna Low recommends the services of SAREG, a registered independent accountancy firm in the French Alps, who can arrange the lease agreements, manage the TVA refund and the annual tax submissions.

“We want to make it as easy and straightforward as possible for our clients that may wish to purchase this way by making them aware of these options as well as provide an accountancy company that can help set the scheme up,” reports Francois Marchand, General Manager. SAREG have a big team of English-speaking advisors who are geared up to help UK purchasers make the correct choice.

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